2018 Wallowa County Stockgrowers Rodeo - EquiDreams

These are the only pictures to be published from the 2018 Wallowa County Stockgrowers Rodeo due to other pre-existing obligations, thus I was only able to spend a very limited amount of time at the rodeo :) 

:) What to remember BEFORE ordering reprints:

Not all pictures will work in all sizes. Images are cropped to enhance the best effect of the scene.

Pictures that look like a square (cropped as a square) will NOT work as an 8x10 or panorama, etc.

Please make sure you look at the cropping screen (after clicking on purchase image) before finalizing the desired picture size.

Background items that are blurred out on your screen when viewing pictures stay blurred on final product. They do NOT become sharp.

Camera setting are usually focused on specific portions of the picture and not on all items present in the image creating a “natural blur” in the background.